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    3. Welcome to Haining Yuanhang Industry Co., Ltd. Website!
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      • Dear Customers:
        Thank you for visiting our website. For more info, please contact us via the following channels.
        May our cooperation a pleasant one!
      • Haining Voyage Industry Co., Ltd.
      • Add.: No.370-378 Maqiao Road, China Warp Knitting Sci-tech Park, Haining, Zhejiang, China.
      • Contact: Stacey Sun
      • Mobile: +86-18757355410
      • E-Mail: shihangsun@hotmail.com
      • Tel: +86-573-87768448
      • Fax: +86-573-87656086
      • URL: http://www.vwkly.com
      • E-Mail: zj1@yhwarp.com
      Business Cooperation
      • Add.: No.370-378 Maqiao Road, China Warp Knitting..
      • Contact: Sun Jianming Mobile: +86-13806726757
      • Tel: +86-573-87768448
      • Fax: +86-573-87656086
      • E-mail: zj@yhwarp.com


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