Who Is Kong Qiu? Master Philosopher, Confucius

A high-tech, digital alternative for an overhead projector, doc cameras are widely used in trendy school rooms. The parable demonstrates that the human mind is succesful to nice things, the men tied to the chains are like those people who’ve been pushed by society and their mother and father to look and follow that piece of reality that has been inheritated by their forefathers individuals usually are followers and encourage to comply with the pure path in life and that is one thing that’s with them till they die.

These features make the phenomena and issues of education of nice curiosity to a variety of socially-concerned intellectuals, who carry with them their own favored conceptual frameworks—ideas, theories and ideologies, methods of analysis and argumentation, metaphysical and different assumptions, criteria for choosing evidence that has relevance for the problems that they take into account central, and the like.

Because of their breadth, their analytical expertise, their interdisciplinary perspective, and their training in dealing with normative questions, they will contribute cogently to resolving public policy issues; and they can provide out-of-college adults, whether or not in public lectures, in workshops, or in persevering with training programs, a singular method to important matters.

Some ways I hope to set examples are by inviting their class to join my class for a big science activity, having bulletin boards of science up within the room and perhaps even out within the corridor, having my college students do science projects and display them around the school, and by having science centers with completely different materials set up in the room.

It is sobering to reflect that only some a long time have passed since practitioners of analytic philosophy of education needed to meet in individual resort rooms, late at night, at annual conferences of the Philosophy of Education Society in the USA, as a result of phenomenologists and others barred their access to the conference programs; their path to liberation was marked by discord until, finally, the compromise of live and let dwell” was worked out (Kaminsky 1993).