August 3, 2020


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Want to Swipe Credit Card Abroad? Do not Ignore These 5 Rules

Credit cards are so chum for traveling abroad. Not merely the ease of transaction, but...

Credit cards are so chum for traveling abroad. Not merely the ease of transaction, but also practical for a variety of needs. Practical because we do not need anymore to exchange money in the currency prevailing in the destination country. Compare if you take cash. Surely bother, because I had to stop at the money changer to exchange first with the prevailing currency in the country. Not to mention the potential to become the target of criminals. Imagine there is in another country but do not hold money penny because the victim of a crime. In short, tells how efficient payment instruments is the credit card. Although temporarily staying abroad, tasteless life easier with a credit card. One might say, a credit card so universal currency when transacting anywhere. However, credit cards remain prepared before they go abroad. Prior to swipe a credit card abroad, make sure the credit card is in a state of ‘fit’ to be used in the land transactions. Whatever you have prepared?

Tells your itinerary to the credit card issuer

Tell time and travel destination to the credit card issuer. By doing so, the publishers will perform the opening Velocity which is a process to help credit card holders who experienced rejection in the EDC when swipe a credit card abroad.Velocity is actually aimed at preventing the abuse of a transaction where the card will be blocked because there are suspicious transactions abroad. Well, as has been reported, then the bank will open the Velocity. If it later turns out pas unlucky to lose a credit card, hastily contact the call center to immediately blocked.

Check limit and expiry date of credit card

Make sure all the bills have been paid to a maximum credit card limit. With a maximum limit, the credit card can be freely used.On the other hand, if long enough is traveling abroad, there is no harm propose the addition of a limit to the bank. The addition of this nature can temporarily limit as long as there abroad or it could be made permanent. Equally important as well, check carefully the effective date of a credit card. Make sure your credit card has not entered expiry. Credit cards will only be junk and useless if it is past the date of entry into force.

Save call center and a bank issuing your credit card numbers in a safe place

Do not forget to record the call center bank credit card issuer. Not only that, record credit card numbers. For example, in notebook or book. Make sure a separate location from the wallet.

The aim is to guard if you lose your credit card or any problems during the transaction. Once the credit card is lost, it can directly contact the call center to immediately blocked in order to avoid the misuse of credit cards.

Define foreign transaction fees

Typically, every shopping transaction using a credit card abroad are subject to additional administrative costs. Its value can be one percent to three percent of the value of the groceries. Surely, you must check directly to the bank issuing the credit card. For example, when a credit card transaction fee quote abroad amounted to 3 percent, then the current expenditure of US $ 500 will be charged 15 US dollars. More and more shopping then the greater the cost that must be paid. Imagine if spending up to 5000 dollars, would hit the cost of 150 dollars. A large number, is not it?