July 14, 2020


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Succeed in Math by Playing Educational Games

Everyone wants the best for their kids and unfortunately, math is a weak area for...

Everyone wants the best for their kids and unfortunately, math is a weak area for many children. However, you can help your child succeed in math by playing educational games with them. It really is simple. Kids learn better when they are having fun. The opportunities present themselves all the time, all you have to do is take hold of the opportunity and use it to your advantage. Here are five ways you can use games to your advantage.

Educational Games in the Car:
Each day you take your child to school or the daycare. On the way to school, you can allow your child to play educational games on an iPod. The handheld device is easily portable and can be stored in your purse. The games can be downloaded from iTunes at a reasonable price and some are even free.

It is not recommended you allow your child to take the iPod to school or daycare. Many times the device is not allowed in schools and they can easily be lost or stolen. However, they can be kept with you and be used on the return ride home for additional education.

Education while Shopping:
Depending on the age of the child, have your child keep a running total of the items bought. They can either use a calculator or use their head. For a more advanced calculation, have them estimate the anticipated tax.

Make this a game by seeing who can come closest to the actual total. Younger children like matching items on lists to items in the store.

Education while Cooking:
Children can learn valuable math lessons while preparing dinner as cooking is full of counting, measuring and fractions. Cooking can be full of singing and dancing and so many games that are hard to mention.

My classroom actually had “WOO HOO Wednesday.” Rarely did anyone miss WOO HOO Wednesday. Kids just love cooking. Make it a game and your kids’ math will improve.

More Education Games Online
Sometimes you just want to go online and download some games for your kids. I get that. I have even done that. Kids are kids and they want to play computer games like all the other kids. They want to be “cool” and play the “cool computer games” like all the other kids. That is fine but you want to make sure your kids are playing games that are safe. This is what you look for:

  • Games that reward accomplishments
  • Games that are developmentally appropriate
  • Games that are age appropriate
  • Games you can adjust the levels
  • Visually stimulating
  • Fun animation

Most games will teach your child something. The question then becomes, is the game your child playing teaching your child the things you want your child to learn.