May 29, 2020


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Several Drugs Are Being Tested as COVID-19 Treatments. Here’s What We Know So Far

As the COVID-19 pandemic proceeds to spread throughout the earth, killing 1000’s and bringing economies...

As the COVID-19 pandemic proceeds to spread throughout the earth, killing 1000’s and bringing economies to their knees, medical doctors, scientists and governments are on the lookout for harmless and successful remedies to enable individuals who are unwell.


And but a big problem with COVID-19 is that there is, as but, no remedy.

However there are remedies that can relieve the symptoms – this kind of as issues respiratory – they do not deal with the underlying trigger: the virus.

The plan is that treating the symptoms will enable prolong a patient’s lifetime and purchase time for their possess immune devices to kick in and take out the infection.

Whilst investigation into related coronaviruses over the final couple a long time has introduced some promising wanting prescription drugs, only big medical trials on people with COVID-19 will be able to reveal specifically whether or not these interventions are harmless and successful.

Regretably, these kinds of big trials just take time to carry out, but they are ongoing.

The Entire world Heath Corporation (WHO) introduced it has helped to start four “mega trials” on COVID-19 and there are numerous additional smaller types coordinated in countries all over the world.

The WHO-backed trials are focusing on prescription drugs that are thought to directly block SARS-CoV-two – the virus pressure that causes COVID-19 – from replicating within our lungs. Down below are some of the major prescription drugs these trials are wanting at.



This is an intravenous antiviral drug that was created to block infection with related coronaviruses and even Ebola, and is one particular of the prescription drugs the WHO is encouraging to look into.

Remdisivir has presently been proven to work from SARS-CoV-two in cells in a dish in a lab as nicely as in mice contaminated with the virus. Remdesivir specially targets important viral proteins associated in building new copies of the virus and stops them from functioning.

Remdesivir has presently been used in some COVID-19 people in the US and seems harmless, but big trials are necessary to definitely know if this is the circumstance.


This is a drug mix used from viruses like HIV. It is effective in a identical way to remdesivir by blocking important viral proteins referred to as “proteases”.

Lopinavir/ritonavir has also been proven to be successful from SARS-CoV-two in lab cells as nicely as in mice and is getting analyzed together with an antiviral drug referred to as interferon beta.

This is at this time used to handle numerous sclerosis and can boost the pure defences of the body’s cells from the COVID-19 coronavirus.


Chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine

Both equally of these prescription drugs are at this time used to handle malaria and the autoimmune illness lupus.

Chloroquine has been analyzed from a lot of unique bacterial infections simply because in the lab it can block viruses – which includes SARS-CoV-two – from finding within cells placed in a dish and so protect against infection.

Outside the lab, chloroquine has not been demonstrated to have a profound effect at blocking illness and there is minimal proof so much that it can work for COVID-19, regardless of getting a good deal of buzz from President Donald Trump.

But once again, big trials are necessary and the WHO is supporting these.

Caution should really be observed with chloroquine as it can have considerable facet effects in sure individuals and may possibly even block the immune response – the preferred final result in lupus therapy.

Two other alternatives

The over likely remedies all work by blocking some important aspect of the virus infection machinery making use of small molecules. Two other kinds of remedies are also getting explored in trials that work in a unique way.

The very first is passive immunisation which is the transfer – or transfusion – of likely protective antibodies from somebody who has been contaminated and recovered from COVID-19 to somebody who is at significant-possibility or is struggling from a SARS-CoV-two infection.


This so-referred to as “convalescent sera” (which is a purified blood product from somebody who has recovered from COVID-19) can block SARS-CoV-two in cells in a dish in the lab and has the likely to enable acquire remedies.

Passive immunisation for COVID-19 is getting analyzed in trials throughout the earth and so much benefits appear to be to counsel it is harmless to use.

Another variety of feasible therapy is effective by blocking pieces of our possess immune system that are most likely overreacting to SARS-CoV-two infection and contributing to the destruction in our lungs.

In the minimal reports that have been carried out on COVID-19, it appears that in some serious scenarios our immune response goes into overdrive without having getting able to very clear the infection and this can increase the severity of the illness. When this comes about, significant stages of inflammation is discovered in the lungs.

Probable remedies that glimpse at blocking the immune parts connected to this severity have begun. That explained, intense caution should be taken when manipulating the immune response through an infection as in the absence of other therapies we count on our immune response to limit the virus replicating.

So even though certain remedies for COVID-19 are not but readily available, prescription drugs are getting analyzed and medical trials and starting off to produce benefits. This, combined with the even further expertise that scientists are gaining about SARS-CoV-two will enable massively until eventually a vaccine becomes readily available.

Connor Bamford, Research Fellow, Virology, Queen’s University Belfast.

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