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Round 2 for Orbit Your Thesis!

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Orbit Your Thesis! is a programme executed by ESA Academy by means of which university student teams create and launch their experiments to the International Place Station. After aboard the station, the payload is built-in in the ICE Cubes Facilities operated by Place Software Companies. The initial version commenced in 2018 with the assortment of the Aim “Artery In Microgravity” group. Now that the group is finalizing the payload assembly, it is time to go back again to the drawing board for a next version.

ESA Academy obtained numerous letters of intent very last December. Professionals with the appropriate backgrounds were being collected to abide by the assortment course of action. Two months later on, the teams despatched the comprehensive package deal of deliverables: experiment proposal, letters of endorsement from their universities and complex paperwork to verify compliance of the payload with the ICE Cubes facility.

The assortment workshop was supposed to take position at ESTEC in excess of two days, interspersed with classes, presentations, and visits of the European Place Engineering and Research Centre (ESTEC). This celebration was cancelled because of to the pandemic and was executed as a substitute through videoconference, through which the 7 short-outlined teams presented their jobs to the assortment board. The teams were being very well geared up and tackled a broad range of themes in which the microgravity of Low Earth Orbit performs a very important position: oil rising in 3D printed capillaries, heart valve bioprothesis calcification course of action, bone cells’ proliferation reaction to electrical stimuli, neutrons and charged particles detection, mapping Earth’s magnetic industry based on quantum physics and precise gravity variations resolve.


Following two very long months of deliberation, the assortment board selected OSCAR-QUBE’s task for the next version of Orbit Your Thesis!. They were being specially amazed by the audacious thought and the complex maturity of the group. OSCAR-QUBE, from the University of Hasselt in Belgium, aims to consider the numerous contributions of the magnetic industry measured in LEO, regardless of whether they are certain to Earth, originating from the Geodynamo or from movements in the lithosphere, or certain to room climate this kind of as fields created by trapped particles and solar wind. Examining these inputs while minimising the disturbances because of to local fields created in the ISS is a actual problem for the group. To access their aim, the students will established up a compact magnetometer based on the quantum point out of nitrogen-emptiness centres in a diamond. This disruptive strategy can purchase nanoTesla precision knowledge. This task is a initial for the room sector and can find a multitude of long term programs, such as room climate resolve, among many others.

Congratulations to all the teams for their tough perform and for possessing pursued the assortment course of action to the conclusion irrespective of the troubles of confinement. We are seeking forward to sharing a lot more news on the development of our new university student colleagues. Continue to be tuned!

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