January 15, 2021


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Positive Tests For Recovered Virus Patients Are Not Reinfections, WHO Says

Coronavirus patients declared recovered who later take a look at beneficial for the condition are...

Coronavirus patients declared recovered who later take a look at beneficial for the condition are even now expelling dead lung cells instead than obtaining a new an infection, the Environment Wellbeing Organisation (WHO) advised AFP on Wednesday.


South Korean overall health officers reported a lot more than 100 this sort of conditions in April, elevating problems that patients who experienced recovered could turn into reinfected.

“We are aware that some patients take a look at beneficial after they clinically recuperate,” a WHO spokesperson advised AFP, without having producing distinct reference to the South Korean conditions.

“From what we now know – and this is based on very current details – it appears to be they these patients are expelling still left more than elements from their lungs, as portion of the restoration phase.”

People today contaminated with the new coronavirus build up antibodies beginning a week or so after an infection or the onset of symptoms, research has shown.

But it is even now not distinct, gurus say, whether the system systematically builds up more than enough immunity to ward off a new attack by the virus or, if it does, how lengthy this sort of immunity lasts.

As for the recovered patients who tested damaging and then, weeks later, beneficial, a lot more research is desired, in accordance to the WHO.

“We need to have systematic selection of samples from recovered patients to superior fully grasp how lengthy they lose live virus,” the spokesperson said.


“We also need to have to fully grasp if this suggests they can pass the virus to other folks – possessing live virus does not always suggest it can be passed to yet another particular person.”

In a current interview with BBC, infectious condition epidemiologist Maria Van Kerhove, portion of the WHO’s Wellbeing Emergencies Program, stated the “dead mobile” situation.

“As the lungs heal, there are pieces of the lung that are dead cells that are coming up. These are fragments of the lungs that are essentially testing beneficial,” she said.

“It is not infectious virus, it is really not reactivation. It is essentially portion of the therapeutic course of action.”

“Does that suggest they have immunity? Does that suggest they have a robust safety in opposition to reinfection? We do not know the respond to to that nevertheless.”

For some viruses, this sort of as the measles, individuals who agreement it are immune for daily life.

For other coronaviruses this sort of as SARS, immunity lasted from a couple months to a couple of many years.

The pandemic has now killed a lot more than 257,000 folks globally and formally contaminated approximately three.7 million, although with only the most significant conditions staying tested the variety is believed to be far better.

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