July 14, 2020


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Official Footage Shows US Navy Ship Use a Laser Weapon to Destroy a Flying Drone

A US Navy ship downed a traveling drone with a “solid condition laser” in the...

A US Navy ship downed a traveling drone with a “solid condition laser” in the Pacific Ocean, the services department announced on Friday.

The USS Portland (LPD-27), a San Antonio-course amphibious transport dock ship, deployed its Technology Maturation Laser Weapon Program Demonstrator (LWSD) in opposition to an unmanned aerial car or truck (UAV) final 7 days through a demonstration, the initial these types of use of a significant-energy course solid-condition laser, the Navy stated.


“By conducting advanced at sea assessments in opposition to UAVs and little crafts, we will obtain valuable details on the abilities of the Strong Point out Laser Weapons Program Demonstrator in opposition to probable threats,” US Navy Capt. Karrey Sanders, the ship’s commanding officer, stated in a push launch.

“The Strong Point out Laser Weapons Program Demonstrator is a exceptional capability the Portland receives to exam and work for the Navy, when paving the way for upcoming weapons methods, ” Sanders included.

“With this new advanced capability, we are redefining war at sea for the Navy.”

In accordance to the Navy, the weapon method is being created owing to “an growing variety of threats” that include things like UAVs, armed little boats, and adversary intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance methods.

The Navy has used other laser weapon methods on its ships, like its thirty-kilowatt course Laser Weapon Program (Regulations) aboard the USS Ponce.

The Navy hopes laser cannons can protect the fleet from drones and even the prolonged-variety missiles being fielded by rivals like China, which can out-variety a US provider strike group’s jets and missiles.


China’s land-centered missiles could overwhelm a provider group’s means to intercept with a finite source of missiles, which is where by the laser comes in.

The US Military is building its personal laser weapon, the Oblique Fires Security Ability-High Electricity Laser (IFPC-HEL), which is expected to variety up three hundred kilowatts and intercept rockets, artillery, and mortars.

The Office environment of Naval Investigate initial awarded Northrup Grumman an first US$53 million deal to build the one hundred fifty-kilowatt-course LWSD in 2015.

“For about the cost of a gallon of diesel gas per shot, we’re featuring the Navy a significant-precision defensive strategy that will safeguard not only its sailors, but also its wallet,” director and method manager Guy Renard, stated at the time.

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