July 7, 2020


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Mystery surrounding dinosaur footprints on a cave ceiling in Central Queensland solved

The mystery encompassing dinosaur footprints on a cave ceiling in Central Queensland has been solved,...

The mystery encompassing dinosaur footprints on a cave ceiling in Central Queensland has been solved, in article posted in Historic Biology, just after much more than a half a century.

College of Queensland palaeontologist Dr Anthony Romilio found out parts to a many years-outdated puzzle in an unconventional place – a cupboard underneath the stairs of a suburban Sydney property.

“The town of Mount Morgan near Rockhampton has hundreds of fossil footprints and has the best dinosaur keep track of variety for the total eastern half of Australia,” Dr Romilio reported.

“Before exams of the ceiling footprints suggested some really curious dinosaur conduct that a carnivorous theropod walked on all four legs.

“You will not assume T. rex employed its arms to walk, and we failed to count on just one of its before predatory kinfolk of two hundred million decades back did possibly.”

Researchers preferred to figure out if this dinosaur did transfer applying its ft and arms, but uncovered accessing analysis substance was complicated.

“For a 10 years the Mount Morgan keep track of web site has been shut, and the posted 1950s photographs will not present all the five tracks,” Dr Romilio reported.

Even so Dr Romilio had a probability assembly with neighborhood dentist Dr Roslyn Dick, whose father uncovered numerous dinosaur fossils in excess of the decades.

“I’m positive Anthony failed to believe that me right up until I talked about my father’s name – Ross Staines,” Ms Dick reported.

“Our father was a geologist and reported on the Mount Morgan caves containing the dinosaur tracks in 1954.

“Other than his posted account, he had significant-resolution photographs and comprehensive notebooks, and my sisters and I had retained it all.

“We even have his dinosaur footprint plaster cast saved underneath my sister’s Harry Potter cupboard in Sydney.”

Dr Romilio reported the prosperity and situation of ‘dinosaur information’ archived by Ms Dick and her sisters Heather Skinner and Janice Millar was remarkable.

“I’ve digitised the analogue shots and produced a virtual 3D design of the dinosaur footprint, and left the substance again to the family’s treatment,” he reported.

“In mixture with our current knowing of dinosaurs, it advised a really clear-reduce story.”

The workforce for starters concluded that all five tracks were being foot impressions – that none were being dinosaur handprints.

Also the splayed toes and moderately extended middle digit of the footprints resembled two-legged herbivorous dinosaur tracks, differing from prints produced by theropods.

“Rather than just one dinosaur strolling on four legs, it seems as however we got two dinosaurs for the value of just one – both equally plant-eaters that walked bipedally along the shore of an historical lake,” Dr Romilio reported.

“The tracks lining the cave-ceiling were being not produced by dinosaurs hanging up-aspect-down, alternatively the dinosaurs walked on the lake sediment and these imprints were being coated in sand.

“In the Mount Morgan caves, the softer lake sediment eroded absent and left the more difficult sandstone in-fills.”


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