May 27, 2020


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Music Education – Should It Be Taught In Public Schools?

If you are a music teacher then you know how important it is to impart...

If you are a music teacher then you know how important it is to impart proper guidance and music education to the students. It is your responsibility to nurture the students with the knowledge and abilities required to grow up as better individuals. In an academic school a child usually gains knowledge about subjects such as reading and writing, mathematics and the sciences. Apart from this knowledge, a child also requires essential training in extracurricular subjects like music.

Music education has been known to have great effects on a child’s overall growth. It not only helps in nurturing his thoughts but also develops in him a positive perspective about life. There are many tangible benefits of music education. It should be maintained properly and promoted efficiently as an important part in elementary and secondary education.

Music has been considered as a significant part of education system for years. In the early times, universities usually taught it as one of the important pillars of education. The popular scientist lbert Einstein was a skilled musician. He often attributed his achievements and discoveries in physics to the music education that he received as a child.

Unfortunately, these days the modern education system looks upon music as a lavish and expensive extra program which is often cut off due to budget issues. The administrators of today fail to recognize the importance of music and they mistakenly take music education as play time. They consider it as a misguided effort to inspire the students take up a career in this field.

The administrators need to understand and appreciate the importance of music education. They must realize the incredible benefits that it has on the adolescent minds of kids. Apart from making them more skilful, music education also helps students to improve on other subjects. Hence, it is important to tech this art form in public schools.