January 20, 2021


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Mesmerising Video Shows The View if You Could See Earth And The Moon at The Same Time

As humans trapped on an orbiting world, we are rather confined by our position of...

As humans trapped on an orbiting world, we are rather confined by our position of look at. On the lookout up at the evening sky, we can see our closest neighbour, the Moon, shining again at us, but have you at any time puzzled what we should glance like from our satellite?


Planetary scientist James O’Donoghue has now held up a mirror for us all to see the fact.

Employing actual NASA imagery and positional details alongside with lunar topography imagery, the former NASA staff has established a laptop-generated, superior-resolution online video of what Earth appears like from the Moon, though also exhibiting us what the Moon appears like from Earth at the exact time.

With each individual frame of the online video symbolizing fifteen minutes of actual time, the remaining products encompasses the whole month of April 2020 (in CGI sort, at minimum), and permits us a cosmic viewpoint the likes of which we have under no circumstances viewed prior to.

O’Donoghue further stated that though the online video could glance actual, it was just centered on some graphics he’d viewed, and stated his intention was to show the phases, rotations, angles, and dimensions improvements.

On Twitter, O’Donoghue also mentioned he’d been approached about writing a ebook, but admitted he’d been spending most of his absolutely free time just earning new animations.

When they glance this awesome, we will not head at all.