July 7, 2020


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How to Land Yourself an Oil Gas and Landman Job Looking for a good job...

How to Land Yourself an Oil Gas and Landman Job

Looking for a good job in the today’s world has become a big challenge. This can sound new to just a few who have not experienced the ups and downs of the job market. In most cases jobs requiring some length of experience and appropriate certification are “hard” to get. Oil gas and landman job falls into this kind of a job. If you have chosen to follow the career path of becoming a landman; this guideline will do you all the good you need.

The hardest part in the entire landman career is how to get started. This guide will give critical tips which will assist you in knowing where and how to start.

Market gossip is filled with a very confused guideline on how to be a qualified landman because, in the former days, there were no formal pieces of training which were required for one to be an oil gas and landman profession. In brief, it can be said one can be a landman in several ways. Here are the tips on how to be one.

Today’s world has turned out to be very competitive a fact that has made it necessary for one to meet basic requirements before being approved to be a landman. Some of the required merits are either obtained through experience while other are just taught or personal traits. These mentioned factors still play a critical role but due to competition in the market, a landman candidate must have a bachelor degree, considerable length of experience in the oil and gas trade or the property business and he or she should have great attention to detail and analytical skills.

In case you have not fulfilled the basic academic requirements, it will be wise to consider furthering your education. In the case you have them all, then have this, and you will be good to go. To start with; you must start from somewhere. Working as a contract analyst, property technician or a title analyst will be a good starting point for you. The small experience gained will cumulatively earn you all the required experience and expertise since some companies are willing to employ landman assistants a position that requires very little experience.

The next step is to join industry organizations. It is in these agencies that you will be in a position to come across people with vast experience as well as getting to know emerging job opportunities which you can apply.

The last step is to ensure that you are certified by AAPL. It now a must in several countries for one to be fully certified so as to practice as a landman.