June 4, 2020


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How to check Madrasha Board Result from Non Muslim Area/Country?

It’s easy to get SSC result from your country websites that is verified only for...

It’s easy to get SSC result from your country websites that is verified only for the Muslims.  If you are from a non-muslim country then it will be too much hard for you to get the SSC result. This is because most of the non-muslim countries keep their internet blocked. They don’t want to keep their DNS server connected with the IP of their country. So it may become very hard for you get result of Madrasha board from the other countries so easily. In this situation you have to suffer a lot and may not be able to get result of your SSC exam.

The best idea you can follow to get your SSC result of Madrasha board using IP resolver. If you are an expert internet user then download IP resolver software and you can easily access to the madrasha board. You will be able to browse your Madrashsa board website and get result from Non Muslim country very easily. You can submit your roll board and SSC passing year and simply the result is in your hand. You have to find the keep the connection secured when you are searching result of SSC 2017.

If you are in non-Muslim country for a tour or have been transferred for job, you should learn to get SSC result from there. You may have become passed in the SSC and need to see your result from there. Then you have to be creative to browse internet. As you know Ehudi countries envy Muslims so they keep disconnected all types of Muslims websites from their counties. In this case you have only one way and that is to follow the IP hacking tool to see the result of your SSC exam so easily as you need.

You can also ask some computer or internet shops to check out your result of the Madrasha board SSC exam. You just need to provide your SSC admit details to the computer operator and the result of madrasha board will be before your eyes. If you fail to find your result from there then you can take help from your friend who lives in your country. You can ask him to check your result if he has internet and computer. Thus you can very easily get your full result of SSC very easily and have no more difficulties to check the result of madrasha board in near future.