July 15, 2020


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ESA – Meet the Moon experts

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ESA experts working on lunar exploration deliver information and insights in a new series of video clips for members of the Moon Camp Challenge. 

Tasked with creating a habitat on the Moon employing 3D modelling instruments, learners have to take a range of aspects into consideration. The intense lunar environment and constrained means pose troubles for a Moon Camp that have to adapt to the neighborhood environment and deliver protection and dwelling and working amenities for astronauts. 

In the Satisfy the Specialists series, lunar scientists and engineers dive into 4 aspects of Moon exploration, from means and 3D printing to everyday living for individuals on the Moon and upcoming exploration strategies.   

Dive right in: 


Sources on the Moon

It is popular expertise that the Moon is a cratered ball of rock. Gorgeous as it is in the night time sky or in images taken from orbit the landscape is barren, grey, dusty and dim. Are there other points to be discovered than satisfies the eye? Moon scientist Alexandre Meurisse clarifies which means can be discovered on the Moon.

Satisfy the ESA experts – Sources on the Moon

3D Printing on the Moon

We can 3D print just about just about anything these days, from instruments and buildings to cells and even meals. But that is on Earth, where by resources are quickly readily available. What about in space or on the Moon? Could we 3D print a lunar foundation? ESA engineer Advenit Makaya walks us as a result of the process.

Satisfy the ESA experts – 3D Printing on the Moon

Residing on the Moon

The Apollo Mission proved individuals can do the job on the lunar surface but the longest lunar spacewalk lasted a total of 22 hrs. Could individuals shell out lengthier quantities of time on the Moon? How about reside there, as they do on the International Space Station? Lunar engineering pro Bérengère Houdou describes dwelling on the Moon.

Satisfy the ESA experts – Residing on the Moon

Potential Moon exploration

However it has been fifty decades because individuals initial stepped on the Moon, we haven’t forgotten about Earth’s all-natural satellite. Various missions because Apollo have taught us so significantly about the Moon and have paved the way for humankind to return. ESA Moon scientist James Carpenter provides us an overview of these missions and upcoming exploration of the Moon.

Satisfy the ESA experts – Potential Moon exploration

Submissions for Moon Camp Discovery, Explorers and Pioneers are open up right until twenty five March. Far more facts on every degree of the obstacle and further means are readily available on the Moon Camp Challenge web-site.