August 8, 2020


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Education Toys & Games for Young Mind

Educational games are an integral part of childhood; more so with the new age trend...

Educational games are an integral part of childhood; more so with the new age trend of ‘learn while you play’. Educational toys are mainly classified based on the type, design and the particular age group they are targeted at.

The choices of educational toys and learning games are however mind boggling. With the ever growing trend and popularity of educational games almost every store you go to is generally filled with such toys and games.

Before zooming on the ideal educational games for your little ones, it is important to make the shopping ‘age’ specific. If your child is a newborn then a game suitable for a 3 year old is going to be of little or no use as the infant will hardly be able to play with them.
It is therefore important to choose toys that are age specific.

Educational toys for infants:
They are designed to nurture the creativity in infants. This is certainly one of the best ways to make your little one learn and have fun at the same time. From a very young age babies respond to color therefore toys like building blocks, cushions and play mats in vibrant colors are good options. Playhouses, creative play, musical toys and soft cushion blocks make resourceful educational toys for your little one.

Educational toys for a two year old:
At this age kids generally learn about their physical skills and actions of the world around them. Toys that augment hand and finger co ordination are ideal. Therefore simple crafts and artwork are ideal toys for your two year old.

Several soft bath toys are available which enhance the hand grip. They also make room for imaginative play which adds a whole new dimension to educational toys and games.

Educational toys for a three year old:
Educational games for a three year old are mainly those that are constructed to enhance the learning skills. Therefore they are categorized as learning games. Alphabet puzzle book, number games, magnetic toys and other activity sets are ideal toys for a three year old.

As the child starts school, it is important to get toys that would augment his learning process. Rhyme and story books, art book set, crayon colors etc are a must have. Besides this, each subject that is taught in school can be pictorially represented to him so that learning becomes a fun activity. Drama, choir and dance are the other activities that help making the learning process truly engaging.

Toys and games do have a positive effect on a growing mind. Learning games are especially important in the early stages of a child’s growth. Choose appropriate education toys and present your little one, the gift of learning with playthings.