June 5, 2020


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CDC Director Says a Winter Wave of Coronavirus Could Hit The US Harder Than Current Outbreak

Robert Redfield, the Director of the Centres for Condition Handle and Prevention, mentioned Tuesday that...

Robert Redfield, the Director of the Centres for Condition Handle and Prevention, mentioned Tuesday that whilst the US appeared to be nearing the peak of conditions for the current COVID-19 outbreak, a next wave could be even even worse.


In an interview with The Washington Write-up, Redfield mentioned one more outbreak of the novel coronavirus in wintertime could be additional disastrous since of the pressure it would area on hospitals, even if preparation and treatment selections enhance.

“You can find a risk that the assault of the virus on our nation subsequent wintertime will in fact be even additional difficult than the just one we just went as a result of,” Redfield mentioned.

“And when I’ve mentioned this to some others, they kind of place their head back again they you should not understand what I suggest.”

The novel coronavirus was initial determined in Wuhan, China, in early January. Right after outbreaks in quite a few Asian nations around the world, Iran, and Italy, the US observed verified conditions of COVID-19, the illness prompted by the virus, surge commencing in early March.

Redfield told The Write-up that if the virus had hit the US a few months before at the top of flu season, “it could have been genuinely, genuinely, genuinely, genuinely difficult in terms of overall health potential.”

Previously, healthcare facility units in big scorching spots like New York Metropolis are confused with clients and, in quite a few conditions, lack the needed healthcare equipment like ventilators and own protective equipment for healthcare staff.


Redfield mentioned that a wintertime outbreak of COVID-19 would be especially catastrophic for hospitals and healthcare units when layered on prime of the common wintertime flu season and greater rates of other ailments that are additional common in the wintertime months, including pneumonia and bronchitis.

The coronavirus is the two additional contagious and additional lethal than seasonal influenza, and a vaccine from it virtually certainly won’t be obtainable by the time flu season will come around.

Though some clinical trials for coronavirus remedies are displaying encouraging signals, the US is nevertheless probably 12 to 18 months absent from acquiring a deployable vaccine.

Mainly because of that, Redfield mentioned, it will be additional important than ever for persons to get their flu photographs to lower their possibility and aid lessen the burden on the healthcare method. He told The Write-up that additional persons getting vaccinated from the flu “might permit there to be a healthcare facility mattress obtainable for your mom or grandmother that might get coronavirus.”

In an April nine city hall with CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta, Redfield mentioned that whilst the US has a prolonged way to go to end the outbreak, the level of infection is set to get to its peak shortly many thanks to prevalent intense mitigation steps, this kind of as the remain-at-dwelling orders strictly imposed in the majority of states and the shuttering of nonessential enterprises.


“1 of the crucial factors clearly has been the intense social distancing we’ve done,” Redfield mentioned. “I feel we’re looking at the repercussions of that when we see that our mortality level is genuinely a ton reduce than what would have been predicted, and it genuinely exhibits that mitigation performs.”

He added: “Obviously, as we go to reopen – and I feel we’re coming to the peak as we sit here now, where by we’re capable to see the other side of the curve, and we will see this outbreak continue on to decline in excess of the months ahead – we have to have to understand the extent of the transmission of the virus.”

Each on CNN and in his interview with The Write-up, Redfield emphasised that in the absence of a vaccine, the US will have to have to the two massively scale up its testing regimen and closely spend in get hold of tracing to track how the illness is progressing.

To do that, Redfield told The Write-up that the CDC was in preliminary talks to do the job with other federal organizations, including the Census Bureau, AmeriCorps, and the Peace Corps, to make an full “option workforce” dedicated to complete get hold of tracing, which would demand hundreds of hundreds of staff nationwide.

“These are all conversations that are likely on to test to establish what is the best system to be used,” Redfield mentioned.

“And it might be some mix of all three.”

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