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Distance levels refused by the J&K SSRB for the authorities posts

Distance Degrees will become a halt in the way of applying,

Thousands of candidates in get worried, irritation, plead for justice


The selection which was taken earlier in the valley of Kashmir about the examine facilities of the universities giving length education levels has made a pressure total surroundings in the thousands of the pupils who ended up pursuing distinct programs in the universities. However they bought their campus transferred from Kashmir to outdoors of the state but the current selection which was announced by the authorities that the length education levels other than the IGNOU, DOEACC, MANU, Kashmir College and Jammu College will not be deemed for the recruitment method by way of the worried Services Collection Recruiting Boards. There are thousands of candidates disappointed above the orders as they have finished their education typically in the length method and that as well from the outdoors the state.

Various programs in Facts Technological innovation, Administration, Tourism and the Resort Administration ended up the precedence based programs opted by the pupils of the valley in these universities as the very low payment package and the simple completion of the levels devoid of a lot time to spend upon. This sort of selection has progressed an anguish and hatred in the hearts and the minds of the aspirants owing to their non eligibility for the posts which are remaining advertised.

The regulation bodies framed the regulations above which the response from the supposed portion of the diploma holders is total of anguish and the disappointment as they cannot feel of applying for any write-up advertised by way of Services Collection Recruiting Board (SSRB).

“I have finished my write-up graduation in biotechnology and I was pursuing M.Phill in the identical from a college in Chennai by way of length method but when I heard about the notification which was issued listed here about the rejection of the length levels other than the 5 universities, I still left Chennai together with my M.Phill diploma as I found it as a time waste to go after that diploma devoid of having any benefit in our valley. It is absolutely un-understandable that how the authorities of Jammu &Kashmir can do this sort of point devoid of getting any recognize of education rate,” reported, Showkat Ahmad, an aspirant from Srinagar.

UGC has time to time advised pupils and the mom and dad who go for admissions in distinct universities by way of examine facilities that they should really check out the UGC internet site and the admissions should really be taken with treatment and total awareness about the authorization and the non authorization as there are nevertheless some of the examine facilities in the valley which are remaining operate by some individuals devoid of the authorization and the registration, they deceive the candidates in the name of the universities.

“More treatment and verification is necessary in the area of examine facilities which do not have any registration until now if they would clearly show …

Higher Education in the 21st. Century Bangladesh


The UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education, held in Paris in 1998, recognized quite emphatically the importance of education and particularlyly higher education for sustainable endogenous development, for democracy and peace, for strengthening  defense of peace as one of the  human values, and for the respect and protection of human rights and fundamental freedom. The far reaching changes now taking place in the world and the entry of human values into a society based on knowledge and information, reveal how overwhelmingly important education and higher education are.( UNESCO 2001, p.1). A renewal of higher education is essential for the whole society to be able to face up to the challenges of the twenty-first century and  to ensure its intellectual independence. Quality higher education needs to be restored  to create and advance knowledge, educate and train responsible, enlightened citizens and qualified specialists, without whom no nation can progress economically, socially, culturally or politically.

The Global scenario of socio-economic development is changing while knowledge supplants physical capital as the source of present (and future) wealth. Technology is the driving force behind  this process. Information technology, biotechnology and other innovations are leading to remarkable  changes in the way we like to work.

As knowledge becomes increasingly important, so does higher education. Countries need to educate more of their young people to reach a global standard. The quality of

knowledge generated within higher educational institutions and its accountability to the wider economy is becoming increasingly critical for national competitiveness. This poses a serious challenge to the countries of the developing world like Bangladesh many of whom are undergoing a rapid transformation in all fronts, and are keenly striving to become a member of the global community of modern nations.

Objectives of the Paper:

A)    Trace the evolution of different facets of institutional systems of higher education in Bangladesh.

B)    Find out the governance, management and administrative problems of higher education.

C)    Suggest areas of action that need immediate attention.


A)    Use of secondary published sources

B)    Interview of persons involved in planning and updating higher education.

The evolution of higher education system in Bengal:

The English developed a system of higher education in colonial India offered through the colleges which basically created only writers or ‘munshis‘ as they were commonly known. Their skill revolved around record and accounts keeping and drafting of documents. Till the early nineteenth   century the emphasis was on the learning of Persian language in most of the schools and colleges as the official language of governance was Persian. As more English speaking Company servants arrived from England, Persian, the official language began to loose importance. This was when the Calcutta Hindu College (1816) was established. This was the first Asian College established to impart western education on the ‘natives’. The establishment of Calcutta Hindu College not only ushered in the western system of education in Bengal but was also one of the first steps taken to impart modern education in this part of the sub-continent.  …

The Educational Position of World’s Universities

An evaluation carried out by AllAboutUni reveals that California has a fairly low density of the World’s Prime-five hundred universities when compared to industrialised countries in the earth. is an impartial, world and interactive web-site where by readers can get data about universities (world rankings, student reviews, university news and campus pictures).

The Educational Position of World Universities (ARWU) is generated by the Institute of Greater Education at the Shanghai Jiao Tong College. A number of indicators of tutorial or study functionality are used to create the ranking, these include highly cited scientists, content articles indexed in key citation indices and team successful Nobel Prizes.

The World’s Prime-five hundred universities (2008) are primarily found in Europe (n=210 40{66cfd6b8fd2379bf94b6ede33c45465b3b42273a4224d970eea3a5599e9736af}), the Americas (n=190 40{66cfd6b8fd2379bf94b6ede33c45465b3b42273a4224d970eea3a5599e9736af}) and the Asian/Pacific area (n=one hundred twenty{66cfd6b8fd2379bf94b6ede33c45465b3b42273a4224d970eea3a5599e9736af}). There are 159 (32{66cfd6b8fd2379bf94b6ede33c45465b3b42273a4224d970eea3a5599e9736af}) universities found in the United States (US), of which thirteen are found in California (click on below).

California has a inhabitants of 37 million inhabitants, building it the most populated State in the US. It will make a very critical contribution to the US economic system and taken on your own it has the world’s eighth biggest economic system in the earth (in conditions of Gross Domestic Products).

There are the two general public and personal universities in California. The general public universities are structured as follows: the College of California (UC) universities (10 campuses e.g. UC – Berkeley and UC – Los Angeles) which has a merged student entire body of a lot more than 191,000 students, the California State Universities (CSU) which has about four hundred,000 students and the California Group Colleges system which presents lower division programs and has a student inhabitants of about two.9 million.

The thirteen universities found in California that are in the World’s Prime-five hundred universities are distributed as follows: nine UC universities (Berkeley, Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Santa Barbara, Irvine, Davis, Riverside and Santa Cruz), three personal universities (Stanford, California Institute of Technological know-how, College of Southern California) and one particular CSU university (San Diego State College).

An previously evaluation carried out by uncovered that 36{66cfd6b8fd2379bf94b6ede33c45465b3b42273a4224d970eea3a5599e9736af} (n=fifty seven) – a lot more than one particular in three – of the US universities in the World’s Prime-five hundred are found in just five States: New York (15), California (thirteen), Texas (thirteen), Massachusetts (9) and Pennsylvania (seven) (click on below). The evaluation also uncovered that the universities are not evenly distributed, with California owning a greater illustration at the leading of the checklist: in the World’s Prime-twenty five universities, the distribution is California (six), New York (two), Massachusetts (two), and Pennsylvania (1) and Texas ().

The 6 Californian universities in the World’s Prime-twenty five universities are: Stanford (rated 2nd), UC – Berkeley (third), California Institute of Technological know-how (sixth), UC – Los Angeles (thirteenth), UC – San Diego (14th) and UC – San Francisco (18th).

In purchase to make inter-nation comparisons, calculates the variety of universities in the World’s Prime-five hundred for each million inhabitants. The …

Job in Special Education

 By Sadaket Malik 

Particular education is the education of pupils with specific wants in a way that addresses the student’s person differences and wants. Preferably, this system entails the separately planned and systematically monitored arrangement of educating procedures, tailored equipment and components, obtainable options, and other interventions developed to help learners with specific wants attain a better stage of private self-sufficiency and results in school and group than would be out there if the college student were only offered entry to a usual classroom education.

Common specific wants incorporate mastering disability, conversation troubles, emotional and behavioral disorders, actual physical disabilities, and developmental disabilities.[one] College students with these varieties of disabilities are very likely to profit from more academic expert services, distinct methods to educating, and use of technology.

Mental giftedness is a change in mastering and can also profit from specialized educating tactics or distinct academic plans, but the expression “special education” is generally made use of to particularly reveal instruction of pupils whose specific wants decrease their capacity to learn independently or in a classroom, and gifted education is handled separately.

Particular education can be an terribly rewarding career for the ideal individual. It takes someone with a terrific offer of endurance, a really like of small children, and a thick pores and skin to offer with tricky complications. But as in any area, the careers with the biggest troubles have a tendency to offer you the highest rewards.

You want a career that makes it possible for you to help other people. Becoming a specific educator makes it possible for you to make a positive change in the life of small children with disabilities. With the help of specific educators, an expanding number of small children with disabilities have succeeded in school and enrolled in faculty.

Becoming a specific educator offers you the chance to use a lot of talents and expertise creatively and to expand equally professionally and personally.

The need for special education specialists has never been better. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Stats estimates that the need for competent specific educators and similar service personnel will increase “a lot quicker than most other professions” in the up coming 10 many years. And the U.S. Section of Education stories “The number of pupils with disabilities served less than Plan continues to increase at a level better than equally the general inhabitants and school enrollment.” Read through about the need for special education specialists. The private rewards of educating small children and youth with disabilities is better than you can ever visualize.

      These times a lot of schools and universities across the region are making attempts in instructor education reform in order to greater the training of instructors, educators and for that reason the education of small children. Besides this, components like minimized class sizes and an increase in the number of pupils are also forcing a lot of schools to purchase lecturers who have expertise to manage every college student proficiently.

      Searching at the existing situation, …

Kaiser Permanente Southern California Sponsors Mother-Daughter Method

The Kaiser Coverage corporation has often strived to bolster the communities they serve. This is why Kaiser Permanente Southern California is encouraging mothers and daughters to sign up for up and pursue their better education and vocation aims, which will gain people, households and the neighborhood as a complete. The concept of serving to the neighborhood is an important motive in the Kaiser Ga, Ohio, Mid-Atlantic States, California, Colorado, Northwest and Hawaii networks, but it is specially significant in the Southern California communities in which the group bought its start back in the forties. These efforts are element of a Kaiser Permanente Southern California academic outreach system, which not too long ago hosted its 16th yearly Mother and Daughter Discovering Convention in Baldwin Park. The system was set up in 1993 to stimulate Latinas to emphasis on university and has had a lot of achievements tales, these kinds of as Araceli Mata who joined with her mom with aspirations of pursuing a better education and a vocation in regulation enforcement. They enrolled in the system the first yr that Kaiser Coverage sponsored it and Ms. Mata has considering the fact that long gone on to receive a bachelor’s degree from California Condition Polytechnical College and create a vocation as a police officer with the San Bernardino Police Department. Her efforts with the system have even long gone full circle, as she has been volunteering with the Mother and Daughter Method for six years and programs to carry on. There have been a lot of achievements tales equivalent to this just one as a consequence of the system. Individuals who have worked in the system feel it is the consequence of concentrating on the rewards of attending university fairly than concentrating on the potential risks and implications of dropping out of substantial school, and the truth that mothers are actively involved in their daughter’s tutorial and vocation aims. Group courses like this can be identified all across the nation, from Kaiser Ga to Kaiser Northwest. The concept is that serving to the communities Kaiser Coverage serves aids anyone reside much healthier and more productive life, no matter whether they are associates of the health program or not.…