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Psychology Degree Counselling – What to Look for in a Bachelors Program?

Psychology is a field of study that has gained enormous popularity in almost every part of the world in last number of years. Obtaining a Counselling and Psychology degree offers plenty of diverse employment opportunities for example colleges, universities, public-sector organizations or market research firms as well as private practice. Depending upon aptitude and interest you can specialize in the various fields of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

In recent times, there has been an increasing demand for psychologists in almost every sector and as a result many colleges and institutes are offering psychology degrees and counselling degrees at graduate level. Besides this, many online schools have also started offering online bachelor degrees in psychology. Consequently you must be very careful about selecting any of these programs. Here are few important guidelines that you need to look for while selecting a bachelor program in Counselling and Psychotherapy:

Cost of a program – Find out how much the course is going to cost you. Not just for one year but for the full course if you are considering a degree course. Take into account the cost of books and any other expenses and budget for them. Beware if courses advertised seem to be excessively cheap. Make sure you get what you pay for.

Faculty base – You need to know that the standard of those who will be teaching you is up to the standard that you would expect of a top notch educational facility.

Curriculum – Curriculum is vitally important. The curriculum must be acceptable to the accrediting agency in the jurisdiction in which you are studying. In the case of Counselling and Psychotherapy topics must include such subjects as: Counselling Theory, Therapeutic Intervention Strategies, Client / Counsellor Relationships, Work Experience and many others. Choose an institution that will provide you with all the information about the curriculum before you commit to the course and you can rest assured that the curriculum provided will always meet the requirements of the course.

Accreditation of a school – In any college or university, there are different types of accreditation, but the most important one is regional accreditation. These are the one’s that are recognized by the government and by employers. In Ireland HETAC and FETAC are the recognized accreditors in conjunction with recognized universities, colleges and Institutes.

Today a career in psychology is definitely rewarding but at same time it also demands a proper selection of program along with right school. Thus, the above mentioned points can be considered as few important guidelines that may help you in selecting a proper bachelor program in psychology and counseling.…

Human Services: Education and Job Outlook

Human service assistants can help individuals improve their quality of life.They can help individuals find assistance in health-care, finances, and other types of public aid. There are a variety of job descriptions that can describe the human services field. Some of these jobs may be case managers, mental health aide, community outreach worker, life skills counselor, or a human service worker.

Jobs in human services usually prefer those who have education beyond a high school diploma. A bachelor degree or masters in human services, counseling, rehabilitation, or social work are some of the types of educations that are usually required for job positions. Other skills may require a strong urge to want to help people and the community, have good communication skills, responsibility, and have good time management.

In 2006, there were about 339,000 jobs in Human Services. Sixty percent of those jobs were held in health-care, and social assistance. The human services field is expected to grow up to thirty four percent by the year 2016. Those who are interested in this field should be expected to have the proper continued education and degrees.

An education in Human Services can be done online. Many offer degree programs for those who want to major in Human Services. Some of the schools that offer Human Service Degrees are The University of Phoenix, Walden University, Liberty University Online, California Coast Online, Ashford University, ICS Canada, and many more.

For those who want to attend college on campus, they can check out Springfield College, The School of Human Services. Students can earn a bachelors, masters, or an executive masters degree in their programs. They can transfer up to 72 credits from an undergraduate program when coming to Springfield College. There are also weekend classes for those who may not be able to come to all of the week day classes. Students can expect to complete their degrees in about a year and half to two years. There is also financial aid support for students who may be financially strapped and also plenty of one and one attention for academic support. The campus is located in several different locations across the United States. They include Boston, Massachusetts; Houston, Texas; Los Angeles, California; Tampa, Flordia; Manchester, New Hampshire; and Springfield, Massachusetts.

Should you find an interest in the Human Services field, there are plenty of options for online education, or even attending classes on campus. There are a variety of directions one can go with a degree in Human Services. Should financial questions ever arise about your ability to go to college, you can always apply for financial aid, or even scholarships.

You can learn about ways to apply for extra help in your funding to further your education. Always be sure you check out your possibilities for financial aid. Research articles on how to apply for a scholarship or offbeat ways to pay for college. If your dream is to help people, and partake in outreach in your community, an education and job in …

Homeschooling and State Approvals

Since the last few years, homeschooling has become the preferred way to educate children. It gives parents the ability to offer tailored and individualized education to their children, in the comfortable atmosphere of their homes.

The child is under no pressure and the parent is free to set the study schedule according to personal preference. However, every state has certain guidelines for homeschooling and it is essential for you to know of these legal requirements, before you start homeschooling your child. Homeschooling is legal in all the fifty states of the US, but the requirements of each state may be different. Hence, it is necessary for you to know the legal requirements of your state.

For example, in the state of California, there are three different options for home schooling. In the first option, a homeschooling student can be a part of any independent public home schooling program. The other option is that the student could undergo home schooling under the guidance of a certified home schooling tutor. The last option is to get the child admitted into a private school. In case there is a large home schooling community in your locality, it is possible for the community to form a private school for homeschoolers.

Most states in the U S require parents to notify the state about their intentions to homeschool their child. But there are some states like Alaska, Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma and Texas that let you go ahead with home schooling, without prior intimation to the state.

When you start homeschooling your child, some states may require you to submit a periodical performance report, evaluation scores and test scores. Some states require the tests or evaluations for homeschoolers to be conducted by qualified teachers only. The state may require that these tests be taken once every year. However, generally these tests are not compulsory, but recommended and are aimed at maintaining the quality and standard of education provided via home schooling.

Some states may require attendance records, since they prescribe a minimum number of days for attending the home school. Some states require parents to file a letter of intent with their local community school, if they want to homeschool their child. Some states require parents to undergo a series of lessons organized by the school, before they can start with the home schooling.

Another reason for you to find out the legal requirements involved in home schooling in your state is to make sure that the education you provide your child with is recognized by the state. If there is no state approval, the home schooling of your child may be officially disregarded and he may face serious set backs while planning on a university or a college, later on.

Many states provide the forms and guidebooks, designed to aid in home schooling your child. In order to qualify for a university, a homeschooler is probably required to perform differently than a regular student. A visit to the local education authority will help you to …

Chicano Civil Rights Movement

The Chicano Civil Rights Movement took place during the 1960s, although it can be traced back to the 1920x.  The goal was to provide civil rights and empowerment to the Mexican American people.  The purpose of the movement was several fold but ultimately the Chicano people wanted to be freed form the poor ethnic stereotypes held by the American people.

The Issues  

There were many other issues that led to the Chicano Civil Rights Movement aside from ethnic pride.  The Chicano people wanted land grants that had been taken away to be restored.  In addition they wanted the migrant farm workers to have the same protections as other workers in the United States.  The Chicano Civil Rights Movement also protested against poor education for its children and the lack of voting rights. The League of Latin Americans (1927) was formed for the aforementioned purpose. It became the prototype for LULAC four years prior.

Post World War II

The Chicano Civil Right Movement really picked up steam after World War II with the formation of groups such as the American G.I. Forum by Chicano war veterans.  There were also many civil rights movements and cases that brought before the courts of the country.  A major victory came in 1954 when it was declared that Mexican Americans as well as other ethnic people were entitled to the same protection as everyone else under the U.S. Constitutions 14th Amendment.

Chicano Youth

Even the young Mexican Americans took part in the Chicano Civil Rights Movement.  In the 1960 Chicano high school students in East Los Angeles and Denver staged a large walkout.   There were identical walkouts in the 1970s in other cities in California as well as Texas.  These walkouts were to protest the treatment of the Mexican American people and the horrendous educational deficiencies the Chicano students had to endure.  This led to the formation of a university student organization called Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlan, among others.  This group exists today and is now dedicated to some of the more modern political issues of the 21st Century.…

Alternative Learning System for the Aeta Community: Equalizing Education to Cultural Minority Groups in Lopez, Quezon, Philippines

“ALS is expected to provide solutions in areas of conflict, critical thinking, in indigenous people communities and in areas where literacy is most wanting and where literacy is needed.”

Hon. Jesli Lapus, Secretary of Department of Educatin

The government’s vision for non-formal education is revitalized and epitomized through an Executive Order No. 358 S. 2004, rnaming and reinventing of the Bureau of Nonformal Education to Bureau of Alternative Learning System (BALS) whose vision is to view the Philippines as a nation where all the citizens, especially the marginalized individual or group of learners who could not equitably gain access to formal education because of unwanted conditions, be given equal access to quality education by taking an alternative learning system that will enable them to become productive workforce and members of the land. As its mandates, ALS is propelled by its functions to:

  1. Address the learning needs of the marginalized groups of the population including the deprived , depressed, and underserved citizens;
  2. Coordinate with various agencies for skills development to enhance and ensure continuing employability, efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness in the labor market;
  3. Ensure the expansion of access to educational opportunities for citizens of different interests, capabilities demographic characteristics and socio-economic origins and status; and
  4. Promote certification and accreditation of alternative learning programs both formal and informal in nature of basic education.

This mini case study focuses on the role of the ALS programs catered by the Lopez East District ALS coordinator and its local instructional managers to address the present needs and to delineate briefly their clienteles’ way of life in the settlement or community in Brgy. Villa Espina, Lopez, Quezon. The Aetas in Lopez, Quezon can not be overlooked for they are already adapting to the changes in their surrounding. Furthermore, being members of the disadvantage group of people, giving them the opportunity to equal access to education is a priority concern of the government being carried over by its local counterpart.

While some nongovernmental organizations also take part in aiding educational facilities and health and sanitation service, this mini-case study highlighted only the application of ALS in the promotion of literacy among the Aetas of Lopez, Quezon, describing the attitude or responses of the clienteles in Aeta community toward the realization of educational efforts starting February 2008 to the present.

This case study includes the initiatives and actions of the ALS coordinator and her instructional managers’ common experience with their clienteles and the attitude or behavior of the Aeta clienteles toward its programs. It also includes ethnographic account of how the usual ALS class goes on. The student-researchers were able to validate such remarks and notes in direct observations and interview they conducted at the Aeta clienteles and its immediate community.

Majority of the data used in this report were drawn from interview and observations from the school site and reports of the Lopez East District Alternative Learning System Office. On the other hand, this mini-case study had also limitations. The researchers initially recommend that another follow or …