July 14, 2020


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Business Insurance for Income Protection

There are few people who still do not know enough about insurance benefits than health...

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There are few people who still do not know enough about insurance benefits than health and life. Insurance for business. Yeah, it’s aimed at protection or to reduce the risk of financial losses that you’ll face when something happens to you, your family, or even your business. 

So, with insurance, you who had to release the money to pay for the hospital, that cost will be covered by the insurance that you pay each month. That’s one example of using health insurance.

Then what about business insurance?

Actually its function is the same, namely to overcome the risks that can arise from doing business. Starting from the transfer of risk to loss prevention. That is why so many entrepreneurs choose to insure their business. Trust in companies like I-Select, because only I-Select provides income protection for over 65.

Therefore, not a few entrepreneurs who dare to continue to pour money in the business they are going to or are in. Because, losses that occur will be borne by insurance. So even if the business fails, it’s not really bankrupt.

Are you curious about the benefits of insurance for business? Here are five of them.

  1. Have a strong business foundation
    By having insurance, you don’t need to worry anymore about business risks that will occur. Because the risk will be borne by the insurance company which indirectly makes the foundation of your business stronger.

Well, one of the factors that business runs smoothly is having a strong or solid foundation. For this reason, you must keep that foundation as good as possible.

In a way, efforts to maintain the business will bear fruit with the preparation of prevention and risk management.

2. Risk protection

Generally, not a few entrepreneurs use business insurance for property. So, insurance is used to protect the assets of the company. For example, the risk of asset theft, fire, disaster and so forth.

With the protection of insurance for your business, the security of business activities will also be guaranteed.

3. Guaranteed delivery of goods

Now, many businesses are related to shipping goods. One of them is a business in the field of trade.

Insurance is very important for this kind of business. Why? Because the business in the trading world is one of the businesses with a high level of risk and even most often results in losses during the shipping process.

Not only damaged, the risk of missing goods during the shipping process is also very common. Now, by having business insurance, the risk will be the responsibility of the insurance, including covering damaged or lost items.

4. Become a bolder businessman

When the process of building a business, a lot of risks that can occur. Generally, a large business will have a large level of risk as well.

That’s why insurance is needed to protect or reduce the level of loss that you will bear. That way, it will indirectly make you a bolder businessman because there is a bear, namely insurance.

5. Substitute losses

Every business certainly has a level of risk, whether large, medium or small. Well, if in fact you have a loss then you want or not you have to be prepared to bear the loss.

If the loss is small, maybe you won’t be too confused. But, what if the loss is large even makes you go bankrupt? I might get a heart attack because I was so shocked.

But don’t worry, that won’t happen if you use insurance. Because the insurance company will bear the losses suffered by your business.

There he is five insurance benefits for business so that your business smoothly victorious. Yes, even though you have to pay premiums periodically, but with insurance will certainly help you to deal with risks that will occur in the future.