July 7, 2020


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Conflicting Views About Chiropractors There are many myths about chiropractors and in most cases there...

Conflicting Views About Chiropractors

There are many myths about chiropractors and in most cases there has no importance. These are some examples of these myths:

There is no proof to prove that chiropractic is effective.

This is not true for there is an evidence to show that this treatment is effective. There are actually researches and studies conducted recently using reliable sources and tools that can testify. There are positive effects to the patients in the lower back pain, neck pain and cervicogenic pain.
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To be a chiropractor only have to enrol in a weekend course.
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This is completely wrong. For you to be called as a chiropractor, you need to be registered with the General Chiropractor Council. And for this to happen, you need to have a degree from an accredited university.

Chiropractic is not really a profession.

These chiropractors registered in the General Chiropractic Council are regulated by the government.

Chiropractic treatment is not safe.

To correct this, one of the safest medical treatment is actually the chiropractic treatment. There are actually issues that neck treatment causes stroke. There was a study conducted to testify this issue to be wrong. The study proves that it is more likely to cause stroke when you visit a general physician that when you consult to a chiropractor.

Chiropractors are not “real doctors”.

They are in fact not medical doctors. They are actually doctors of chiropractic.

Chiropractors requires every person to have X-ray.

They are well trained and expert in reading and taking x-rays. This is because they follow a proper guideline.

Chiropractors only crack bones and it is not healthy.

These chiropractors do not crack bones. They are delivering impulse to stretch receptors of the body to normalize the function. This is actually a safe method has no cases of broken bones because of this.

Chiropractors only deal with problems in the spine.

They are trained to deal problems that affects joints, nerves and muscles. They study other pathologies to perform advance aids for patients who suffer other serious cases that needs immediate care.

They claim to aid all the problems just by adjusting the spine of the patients.

This is false. Chiropractic also advances from its old philosophy just like medicine. Choose your preferred chiropractor since there are still some who practices the old method.

Chiropractors are just after your money.

There is always a payment for this treatment since this is not a free one. This is their profession and have invested so much for it so they deserve something in return. This is a common instance to medical doctors out there.

These are misconceptions about chiropractors so these are definitely false accusations. Don’t be poisoned by bashers of chiropractors because they are actually effective and helpful.