July 6, 2020


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5 reasons why every student opt for online classes for Gate exam

The Graduation Aptitude Test in Engineering is generally referred to as the GATE exam that...

The Graduation Aptitude Test in Engineering is generally referred to as the GATE exam that serves as a gateway to pursue post-graduation degrees like ME, M.Tech or MS in top institutions like the IITs and NIITs across the country and IISc in Bangalore. This is the conventional route that students with science backgrounds take recourse to in order to get into higher education. Additionally, the exam opens up a vast array of opportunities for future career options, making it a must for all students with science or engineering backgrounds.

The GATE exam scores improve the chances of securing jobs in both private and public sectors, going as far as to include foreign firms in its retinue of opportunities. From teaching jobs to campus placement, every job will give credence to a good GATE qualifying score and rank. All these opportunities render the exam mandatory for students in the field. Preparation for the exam however is made much easier with the digital wave affecting the education system as well. Online methods of preparation can be extremely helpful and convenient for the preparation of competitive exams, and GATE is no exception.

Here are five reasons why every student should opt for online classes while preparing for GATE:

  1. Cost effective

The online mode of preparation for competitive examinations is easier on the finances compared to offline coaching classes that charge a hefty amount. Most of the study material is available for free on the internet. Apps and websites designed specifically for GATE preparations may charge you a nominal amount, but is definitely less than what coaching institutes will cost you. Besides, with the online method, you can choose to buy partial material on select sections of the syllabus that you wish to pay more attention to. This is a great option that allows you to improve on your weak spots and a reasonable price.

  1. Self study

What is perhaps the most important feature of the online format is that it is completely focused on the individual candidate. You can progress at your own pace, irrespective of whether it is slower or faster than normal. There is no external mode to determine your process and you can take your time to move forward with your studies, and devote as much time necessary to each topic. The self study format will also help you understand your own skill set better. Tests and quizzes online will help with the preparation process as well.

  1. The question of time

While an offline mode of preparation through coaching institutes and classes may require you to design your life around that schedule, the online method allows more free time. For starters, it enables you to study at night, leaving your diurnal hours relatively free for other pursuits. If you are an engineering student preparing for GATE, this is particularly helpful and effective. You can devote the day hours to the engineering course and reserve the night time for GATE preparations.

  1. Updated material

Offline modes are highly dependent on books that essentially require a new edition for the availability of updated content. Online material, on the other hand, is updated constantly. Especially with the competition in digital forums, the academic websites are in constant pressure to improve themselves and make better content available. Online content therefore is more up to date than offline versions and provides only the best for the candidate, making it the obvious choice for anyone preparing for GATE.

  1. Accessibility

Online preparation is internet based. This implies that you have access to study material any time and in any place with a fairly decent internet connection. This accessibility is a high point in favour of the online mode of study. With material literally available to you through your smartphone, you can make effective use of long journeys or sudden free time. In case of travel as well, your preparation process is not compromised as you can carry and access online material from almost anywhere. Soft copies of material as opposed to huge and heavy text books are also convenient and easier to use.

Signing up for an online courses also provide the option of online tests that will help your understand the weak spots in your preparation. An analysis of your performance and a tentative all India rank can help understand the state of your preparation before the final event of the exam, giving you ample opportunities for improvement. The main benefits include saving travel time and reasonable finances. Keep all these factors in mind and enrol for an online course to study for the GATE examination.