August 3, 2020


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5 Countries That Have Best Education in the World 2016

Education is the best way to be given to the younger generation successor to the...

Education is the best way to be given to the younger generation successor to the nation that later became the leader of a reliable and advance the nation and the state. That is why, every country in the world began to compete to be the best in education. Because, 40-50 years from now, who will lead the nation is the current generation may be currently studying in kindergarten or elementary school. Some countries applying best education is judged by the quality of the University and the development of the public education system of the country. The following 5 countries with the best education system in the world:


  1. France

Education in this country is centralized and planned. Similarly, in Our country, there are three main education stages, namely Primary Education, Secondary Education / secondary and higher education / Up. After three stages, most of the students in France continue to Universities.

  1. Germany

Education in this country in the care of their respective states. Education in Germany is very uneven, and even 99{66cfd6b8fd2379bf94b6ede33c45465b3b42273a4224d970eea3a5599e9736af} of the German population is above 15 years can certainly read and write. German educational system is known as an early education dualism, where students not only learn in school, but also to learn directly in the company.

  1. United States

In most states in the United States, children aged 6-7 years must attend school. In America, a lot of institutions Private Schools whose quality is equal or better than Public Schools. The United States also became the home of the best universities in the world.

  1. Canada

Canada, the United States neighboring countries is one of the affluent countries are concerned with the quality of education. Primary and secondary schools in Canada are free of charge. According to the provisions, children 5 years in this country has been obliged to start school.

  1. United Kingdom

As one of the country’s oldest civilizations with a battering ram, the United Kingdom, which consists of some of these countries becoming the most excellent state education system in the world. The quality of education starting from elementary schools to the universities is not in doubt. Education in the countries of the United Kingdom also very uneven.