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Does Size Matter? A Look at Having the Biggest and Baddest Tent at the Expo

Expos and events have industry leaders and consumer early adopters. The people who attend events of any kind are likely excited about the type of the event they are attending. They are fans. They are motivated and knowledgeable. In many ways, they act as the fuel for whatever area they are attending for, and they make or break the success of the event.

Marketers and branders alike should play to the crowd, and that may mean having the biggest and “baddest” tent at the expo. Thye Importance of marketing could fundamentally rely on attracting the most (as well as the right) attention.

In an expo or event, size matters to some degree. It may not be the answer for everything, but a larger sized tent sure has the ability to draw a few extra eyes compared to a small tent. Stall tents are what some consider the entry-level tent option. Marketers receive a nice front space to display a logo, but they do not often have a lot to work with inside the tent. For a brand looking to sell products and have items to store, this size probably will not do.

Many will jump for the marquee tent gazebo for this exact reason. It boasts the range and the room needed for anyone looking to sell at the location. It is also just a wider scale, thus earning a little more attention compared to its smaller counterparts. In this design, the logo and banner can be printed from multiple sides. Obviously, this is advantageous if the banner paneling is exposed to incoming traffic from the left or right or even the backend. It is a sensible strategy that will pay off in spades when traffic is drawn from multiple directions all at once.

Ultimately, settling up in an expansive tent is only the beginning. Branders need to have a product that can match the attention they are asking for. But, they can certainly start off in the right direction. A big tent fits a big brand. Yet, always remember, making a name in the industry is more than having the biggest tent.